3 Steps to get a CRb clearance certificate online

Crb clearance certificate

Getting a CRB clearance certificate in Kenya is not as hard as it used to be. That’s is why, In today’s post, we’re going to show you how CRB Kenya works, How to know which company blacklisted.

Lastly, we’re also going to find out how to clear your name and obtain a CRB clearance certificate and much more. But first things first, let’s see how CRB works

CRB Kenya is an institution that is licensed by the central bank of Kenya to provide credit reference service to financial institutions. Currently, in Kenya, we have only three bureaus that are licensed. These bureaus are:

  1. Metropol CRB.
  2. Creditinfo CRB.
  3. TransUnion CRB.

CRB Clearance Certificate – How it Works

Think of CRB Kenya as a database that stores information and later share it with loan providers when the need arises. This information is usually not on CRB database. So how do they get your details from?

CRB Kenya gets its information from financial institutions. That is why if you read the terms and conditions of loan app providers, there is a clause that says your information may be shared with a third party.

What is this information important?

CRB Kenya uses this information to rate you on a scale of 1 to 10. Which contains the following.

  1. The ability for you to pay the loan.
  2. Your loan affordability/eligibility among other things.
  3. Your financial status and background with financial institutions.

Equally important, being listed on CRB may be a good thing or bad for you. It all depends whether you’ve been listed positively or negatively. But what if your records didn’t show anywhere? Is it a bad thing?

Of course, it is a bad thing coz it means financial institutions don’t know you hence, they can’t trust you with their loan money because they don’t know who your area and your financial status and background.

That said, let’s move on and find who blacklisted you in the first place.

Who blacklisted you?

Without wasting time and money, it is important to find out who blacklisted you in the first place. As most loan providers have CRB bureaus of their choice.

Once you’ve found out, you will have to settle all the loans you had defaulted and then request for a letter from them. This letter will then help you clear your CRB blacklisting status with the right bureau.

Furthermore, to really find out which bureau you’ve been blacklisted with , you can try any of the following to know if you’ve been blacklisted with CRB a company.

  1. For Metropol, dial *433#
  2. With Transunion, simply use their Transunion nipashe app available on Google Playstore or you can also send the an SMS with your name on 21272
  3. For CreditInfo, just call 0709593000 to speak with them directly.

How to obtain a CRB certificate clearance certificate

As earlier stated, there are only 3 companies in Kenya that are licensed to keep and provide your credit score/status. Therefore, we’re going to show you how to get cleared in each one of them.


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