Zenka Loan App Download 2019

There is a new entrant in the mobile credit scene, Zenka loan app. In this article, I will show you how to download and get a loan on the Zenka app.

All you have is to download this mobile app on your phone, register and you are on the good to go. Here are all you need to know about this inventive mobile loan app

What is Zenka Loan App?

Zenka is relatively new in Kenya as they offer soft loan through their mobile app, which is available to download on android platform and apple phone.

The mobile app for soft loan lending for the people of Kenya was developed by “Zenka Kenya,” and they offer loans between the range of Ksh 500 to Ksh 10 000.

The platform ensures that it makes it easier for anyone to enjoy loans effortlessly, as you can get your loan processed as fast as possible within minutes.

One of the best features of the Zenka platform that makes it popular with Kenya is that its first loan is free, where you will pay no interest, just the initial amount you borrowed.

For example, you borrowed Ksh 500; you are expected to only pay Ksh 500 back without interest to Zenka. This is a big catch for people as they take advantage of this first offer and enjoy the features of this easy to use platform.

You can also gain access to the platform and request for a loan without the use of a Smartphone.

So you can see that Zenka is trying to reach out in unconventional ways than other platforms had tried to achieve.

They seek to help those who other platforms were not able to serve in modern ways that other platforms had not tried.

Therefore, Zenka has been more revolutionary in its approach to help the Kenya people, where they reach out to people that have no access to the internet.

As long as you own a phone and can use text messages, you can register on this platform and apply for a loan. All you will need is your personal information and your national ID to identify you.

How does Zenka Loan App Work?

Like we stated earlier, Zenka is a fast way to borrow money with the aid of any phone that one can lay hands on.

This could be either a Smartphone where you can download the app and use it to acquire a loan or on the regular phone where you can use your USSD to make a loan request through text messages.

The process of processing your loan is one of the fastest in Kenya as you can complete the process within 5 minutes.

Zenka works in conjunction with Mpesa, and when you request for a loan, it is delivered into your Mpesa account upon clearance.

They make use of your phone details to analyze your creditworthiness such as your call logs, your phone type, airtime credit, and other aspect connected with your phone.

So when you are buying a new phone or using your phone for calls or SMS, consider how it affects your creditworthiness.

How do I Download Zenka App?

To download the Zenka  loan app, one needs to follow the step below:

  1. Open Play Store on your Android phone or your Apple store on your iPhone.
  2. Search for the Zenka app.
  3. Click on install.
  4. Open the app on your phone upon the completion of the installation process.

Creating an account on the Zenka platform is way more comfortable than most platforms, as you follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Zenka loan app on your phone and click on register.
  2. An online form appears where you will fill in your biodata.
  3. Include details of your national ID card.
  4. You will then answer a security question as you select one from the list that will appear.
  5. Then you would input your four-digit security number as you complete the process.

For those that do not have a Smartphone, you can register using USSD code


Follow the prompt that comes along.

If you are not comfortable with the app on your Smartphone, you can choose to use the USSD method.

How do I Apply for the Zenka Loan?

With Zenka Loan App, you are guaranteed to save time in applying for a loan; it is a natural process in applying for your loan, as shown in the step below:

  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Click on the Apply for loan icon on the app.
  • Input your four-digit security number.
  • Choose the loan type and duration.
  • And you are done.

How can I Apply through USSD?

You can apply for Zenka loan using SMS, using the step below:

  • Dial *483101#
  • Enter your security pin.
  • You then choose the Apply for a Loan option that appears.
  • You will see your loan limit on the screen.
  • You should choose to apply for a full limit to enjoy the full option.
  • Then select how much you want as a loan.
  • Select how you want to repay the loan.

Upon the success of the loan application, you will receive the notification on your M-Pesa account.

 What are the Steps in Repaying One’s Loan?

To repay Zenak loan, follow the process below:

  • Dial *483101# with your phone.
  • Input your four-digit security number.
  • You will see a repay menu which you will select.
  • A display of your current loan will appear.
  • Follow the instruction that follows to complete the process.
  • An SMS notification will appear, and you will see that your loan has been closed.

Advantages of Zenka Loan App

  • They are accessible to their customers on various channels so anyone can reach them easily.
  • The platform makes it more comfortable as they try to reach everyone through unconventional ways, including the use of SMS to secure a loan request.
  • Get a loan within 5 minutes when you download this app or make use of their USSD code.
  • The platform is open to more people because it is easily accessible even for people without a Smartphone, as they can use the USSD code.
  • The process is fast, and you can carry your transaction anywhere as you enjoy benefits such as first loan free, which you will not find in any other platform.

How do I contact Zenka Loan?

You can reach out to Zenka loan app in case of help through the following channels:

  • On their Facebook page
  • You can follow them on Twitter
  • You can also call them on the phone through 0207650878
  • Their email is support@zenka.co.ke to send them emails.

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