Tala Loan App Application and Download (2019 Update)

Find out how you can download the Tala loan app and how to get a loan from tala to your Mpesa in easy steps. Are you in need of cash? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we will show you how to download and get Tala loan app.

Due to the recent economic crunch facing Kenya presently, most deposit money banks in Kenya now charge high-interest rates that make it quite difficult for ordinary individuals to access unsecured loans.

With the advent of a loan app from Tala, a better alternative has come for individuals seeking to access short-term unsecured loans without having to go through complicated processes and procedures often peculiar with other lending institutions and banks.

Therefore, to assess a loan facility using the Tala loan app, one might not need a guarantor or any form of security.

Sit back as we take you through the process of downloading the Tala app and the steps to follow in accessing Tala Credit.

What is Tala Loan App?

Tala, initially known as Mkopo Rahisi, is one of the most reputable mobile loans apps in Kenya. This mobile money app was launched in 2014 and is known as one of the first loan apps in Kenya.

Tala offers credit facilities to people living in different parts of the world, and this includes people living in Kenya, India, Mexico, Philippines, and Tanzania.

Tala is a reliable financial app that integrates mobile money and technology for all Kenyans at home and abroad. It offers instant mobile loans ranging from Ksh 500 to Ksh 30,000.

How does Tala work?

To make use of the Tala loan app is as easy as every other mobile app on Google Play store. I will show you the way to tala app download for android mobile

It requires one to download the app first, and after that, install the app on your preferred device.

Once downloaded from the app store, the tala loan app immediately scans the user voice call pattern and SMS folder for any Mpesa transaction history in other to build a credit score for the user.

Tala offers instant loans to users after downloading, installing the app, and registering.
The loan app also makes use of different data, such as one’s income level, loan repayment history, and Mpesa usage.

First-timers or applicants are giving a minimum threshold of Ksh 500, and with a timely repayment and creditworthiness over time, one can be eligible to access a maximum of Ksh 30,000. This would be after one had maintained a good loan repayment history consecutively.

Initially, Tala loan app offers its users a maximum of Ksh 50,000, but it has modified its loan package to a minimum of Ksh 500 and a maximum of Ksh 30,000.

Tala Service charge

There are no Tala Kenya loan interest rates. However, there is a fee or call it interest-free loan services to its users. Instead, it charges a services fee from its users, and this is depended on the loan repayment schedule one which to follow. This service charge includes the following.

  • 15% service fee for a 30-day loan repayment plan
  • 11% service fee for a 21-day loan repayment plan

When compared to other money lending organisation such as the microfinance institutions and the deposit money banks, Tala loan will not require you to come with general security requirements such as a Title Deed, Payslip or one’s Car Book.

It is essential to check for ones CRB Status to ascertain that you are not wrongly blacklisted.

How to download the Tala App

To download the Tala loan app, one needs to have a registered Mpesa on the Safaricom line and a smartphone or a feature phone. It does not matter if you run Microsoft or Android-enabled devices. It’s worth to note that Tala loan app presently is not compatible with iPhone devices.

To access this application on Android mobile, visit Google Play Store, and follow these simple instructions.

  1. Click on the Google Play Store on your Android device
  2. Search for Tala loan on Google Play Store
  3. Download the app
  4. Follow the next prompt by installing the app on your device
  5.  You are now free to use the app

How to register on Tala app

To register on the Tala app is a simple and straightforward process that does not require filling of the application form as many feared.

These simple steps are required in registering on the app

  1. Open the app after downloading
  2. Link your mobile number
  3. Verification process carried out on the phone number, and you will be logged immediately
  4. A background checks on your phone to determine your income, a past transaction with Mpesa, and the CRB Status in other to decide on one’s credit score.
  5. On completion of the check, you automatically become a registered Tala user with a Tala loan account.

Yes. It’s as easy as that.

How do I apply for a loan at Tala?

  1. Link your Tala App to your active Facebook account in other to register as a user
  2. Check if you are eligible/qualified for a loan by clicking on request for a loan
  3. Fill in some questions such as your phone number and answering a few personal questions correctly
  4. Being creditworthy is dependent on the answer you provide
  5. Check back to ascertain if you are qualified and the amount you can access presently.
  6. Choose an option of repayment you are comfortable with
  7.  Then click on the accept loan
  8. Viola, the loan will be credited to your Mpesa account instantly.

How do you pay Tala?

It is crucial to repay ones Tala loan as soon as possible to be eligible for more borrowing and an increase in the loan limit on Tala. Tala repayment process follows two different steps which include;

Paying through the app

  1. Open the app which will display the current loan
  2. A prompting asking you to make payment
  3.  The app automatically opens the Mpesa menu on your smartphone devices
  4.  Copy and paste the amount and makes payment

Paying through Mpesa Paybill Number

One can also repay the loan through the Mpesa Paybill Number 851900 in line with the registered Tala number that will act as the account number.

In making use of this process, the following step should be followed

  1. Open your Tala App and see the payment to make
  2. Click on the option of “Make a payment.”
  3. Confirm the amount you wish to pay
  4. Click on the submit button for the Mpesa to pop-up
  5. Copy and paste the Paybill Number into the Mpesa Paybill option
  6. Input your account number (Your Mobile phone number used in registering)
  7. Copy the required amount and then make the payment.
  8. An SMS will be received from Inventure Mobile Kenya to help confirm your payment
  9. Note that the fee comes with Mpesa Charges

One can also make payment using another person’s phone number as long as one uses his/her registered Tala number (Mobile Number) as the account number.

Tala Contact Address

Tala loan services boast of different means of communication, contacts, and feedback with users. Some of this includes the following

 Via Tala App

This requires one to log into the app. Then click on the “View FAQs” or by sending a query or message on the “Message link.” At the bottom of the FAQs page, click on the red button with an inscription of “MESSAGE US.”

A new page pops up after clicking with the “My Tickets” inscription.

Then click on the + sign and write down the problem or issues that need to be sorted out.


Contacting Tala via SMS is another easy way to communicate with Tala customer service. To reach them on SMS, use the number 21991.

Through Email

Another means of communicating with Tala is via email. To lay a complaint, chat or seek feedback, one can email Tala on hellokenya@talamobile.com

Social Media

Tala is also active on its social media handles. Users are free to contact them at any time of the day, and one is sure of a quick response.

Tala social media accounts include:

Other loan apps include:

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  2. Timiza app
  3. Zenka loan app
  4. Hf Whizz app
  5. Okash



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