Okash Loan App Download (2019 Update)

Okash loan app is a product of Opay, a Finetech company that is part of Opera Group, the owners of the Opera Mini web browser and other companies. The app is considered a  stand-alone mobile app that provides short term mobile loans to its users.

Okash loan app is considered one of the best loan apps in Kenya, providing business loans of up to Ksh 60,000. The app allows borrowers to access loan products of between Ksh 2,500 up to a maximum of Ksh 500,000.

On loan application, Okash charges an origination fee based on the loan amount that is roughly at 0.6% to 1% per day with the maximum period being 70 days.

That being said, the loan app makes it easy for you to access instant loans anytime, anywhere in a fast, convenient and reliable way.

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How Okash Loan App Works

Just like any other loan app, Okash scans your phone to collect the following data, including the one that you provide when signing up.

  1. Your mobile number (M-Pesa registered).
  2. Your full name plus national ID number.
  3. Data from your device, such as make, IMEI, SMS, and call logs.
  4. Other information that is collected includes such info as your age, email address and any additional contact info that you have.
  5. Device activity, the apps installed, GPS location and phone book records.

Why is this data relevant to the Okash loan app?

The data collected may be shared with one of the following agencies

  • Credit reference bureaus to request for your credit score/loan history. This information is also given to them when reporting you for loan defaults.
  • Loan collection agencies.
  • Government institutions for purposes of complying with law governing loan agencies.

How to get a loan on Okash loan app

  1. Open Google Play store download and install the loan app.
  2. Open the app and then, click on the signup button to register.
  3. Read the terms of service to understand how the loan app works and then press the continue menu button to allow the app access information on your phone.
  4. Open the app and create your profile by providing your details in the fields provided.

Okash will then determine your loan qualification and limit based on the details provided.

To do so, goi ahead and apply for a loan, not more than your loan limit. Select also the loan repayment period.

Upon completion, the loan amount requested will be disbursed to your M-Pesa account. If within two minutes, you haven’t received a message, check the loan app for an internal message.

How to repay your Okash loan

Okash loan can be repaid using two methods. Here is how

Through the Okash loan app

  1. Open the Okash loan app and choose the select the “Make a Repayment” menu button  All the steps are directly available within the App itself. Enter the amount that you wish to pay, and a Mpesa menu will after that pop-up, prompting you to enter the PIN.
  2. You can also repay the Okash loan via M-Pesa through the M-Pesa pay bill number 612224. Remember to use your mobile number as the account number.

Okash Loan contacts

if you wish to contact the Okash team, you can do so through one of the following channels.

  1. Via their email help@o-kash.com you can use your mobile number as the subject of your email.
  2. On the app via the contact us menu item
  3. On social media via their Facebook Page
  4. On Google Play store under the reviews section.
  5. Lastly, you can either call the Okash team on 020-7659988

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