How to increase your loan limit (2019 update)

In Today’s post, I am going to share with you secrets and techniques you can use to increase your loan limit on mobile loan apps.

At some point you may be wondering why your loan limit is still the same on a certain app despite you being a loyal are some reasons why your loan limit is still the same

  1. You only use the app when you need a loan.
  2. Your CRB status is still the same.
  3. you don’t use your phone much in terms of airtime purchase and mobile money transaction
  4. You have uninstalled the loan app that you used to borrow money from in the first place.
  5. You are not using other services provided by your loan app

If you have been doing any of the above, that is the reason your loan limit is still the same. So, what should you do in order to improve your loan limit?

How to Increase your Loan Limit

To increase your loan limit, you have to know first how the loan app works. here is a short description of how they work

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How Loan Apps Work

Most loan apps use machine learning algorithms to determine your loan qualification and hence the loan limit. By using machine learning, algorithm the app is able to know you based on the data that is collected from your phone.

Once you download and install loan apps they scan the following information from your phone to determine your identity, your creditworthiness, and credit score.

  1. Call history and logs
  2. Mpesa transaction messages.
  3. Your GPS location
  4. Contact info among other data that is useful to the app.

The data collected from your Mpesa and credit top-up history is then used to determine your financial capabilities, your credit score, loan affordability and lastly loan eligibility.

On the other hand, the data collected from your contacts, apps installed, location, and lastly your device (Model, make, software and firmware versions) is used to determine your behavior and loan affordability.

(I know this sound funny, but its right as the saying goes show me your phone and I’ll tell you who you are).

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Steps to increase your loan limit

Invest in a good smartphone

Your phone model, make, software and firmware versions help in determining your loan limit. In addition to the above, try as much as you can to avoid buying second-hand phones.

The reason for this is that a phone’s IME number is usually locked to the first SIM card that was inserted.

So if the owner of the used phone had a bad CRB status, then, chances of you qualifying for a loan are dim.

Use your phone frequently

Next, in order to increase your loan limit on the mobile app, you are required to frequently use your phone. Phone activity includes things like playing games, surfacing the web and updating your status on social media platforms.

Store your call records and messages

Loan apps in Kenya always scan your SMS folder for M-Pesa transaction messages and airtime top. This info is good for the loan app cost to help it to know your creditworthiness and status.

So, if you’re used to topping up your line with Ksh 10, it is the time you change.

Download and keep the loan app on your phone in advance.

Lastly, you need to download your favorite loan app in advance and keep it installed on your phone. This gives the loan app ample time to scan your phone and collect data that is useful in calculating your loan limit.

There is no single loan app that can disburse loan instantly, it usually takes up to an hour for the loan to be processed.

Use mobile payments frequently

Most loan apps in Kenya depend on mobile payment services specifically M-Pesa to determine your loan limit and qualification.

To be on the safe side and qualify for a higher limit, always use mobile payment services as regularly as possible, whether buying airtime credit or paying for goods or services. This will then lead to a transaction history which in turn is useful for the loan app.

Do not delete mobile payment SMS messages

Whenever you receive or send money via any mobile payment service (Mpesa, Airtel Money, Orange Money, etc.), Do NOT delete the messages.

This goes for when you purchase airtime or pay for goods and services via these platforms.
Most of the loan apps scan your SMS messages for proof that you indeed transact via this channel and hence sees your ability in repaying the loan.

How to increase your loan limit – Activate your social media status

In this digital age, it would be almost criminal to lack any online footprint of your existence. Being on social networks, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, pose a significant advantage because most loan apps require one to link the app to Facebook to make one eligible for a loan via the app.

Earlier loan repayments

Like we said earlier, automated systems mostly run free loan provider services. The more excellent the trail you leave in their database, the sweeter they will ‘treat’ you.

Request for a loan occasionally

Requesting a loan and making early repayments increases your credit score in their system, thereby improving your creditworthiness thus provides you access to a much more considerable loan amount in the future.

Save frequently

Although this may not apply to loan apps, it refers to loans offered directly by carrier operators, e.g. Mshwari.

As they usually say, “The more you save, the more your chances of increasing your loan amount.” In short, those are the only real solutions to increasing your loan limit on any loan app.


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