Haraka Loan App Download and Loan Application

Haraka loan app is a product of Getbucks, which is an international company based in South Africa with branches in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, and Swaziland.

The loan app is available both on Google and Apple Playstore’s, respectively. In this post, we’re going to discuss this.

  1. About the Haraka loan app.
  2. How to access and apply for a loan on the app.
  3. Haraka mobile loan repayment
  4. And lastly, Haraka contacts.

How does the Haraka loan app work?

Haraka loan app not working? Well, the loan app requires Android 4.0.3 and above for it to work efficiently on your device. After downloading the loan app, the app will request your permission to scan your phone.

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Scanning your mobile device makes it easy and possible for the app to approve your loan. The app usually scans and collects to determine your identity, your creditworthiness, and credit score.

This is achieved by checking the following on your phone:

  • Call history and logs
  • Mpesa transaction messages
  • Your GPS location
  • Contact info among other data that is useful to the app.

The data collected from your Mpesa and credit top-up history is then used to determine your financial capabilities, your credit score, loan affordability and lastly loan eligibility.

On the other hand, the data collected from your contacts, apps installed, location, and lastly your device (Model, make, software and firmware versions) is used to determine your behaviour and loan affordability. ( I know this sound funny, but its right as the saying goes show me your phone and I’ll tell you who you are).

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Loan app application requirements

Haraka app does not require your bank account, Haraka loan application form or any loan history to give you your first loan. All you need to download the latest Haraka loan app is your phone, Safaricom SIM card, and Facebook account.

Haraka loan application procedure

For you to apply for a loan from the app, you have to let the app access, collect and process data that is on your phone, as stated earlier on how the app works.


  1. On your phone, go to Google Playstore or Apple’s App Store to download The Haraka loan app.
  2. Once download, open the app and create your account by logging in to your Facebook and linking it to Haraka app
  3. Agree to let the app scan and access your phone information once it is done,
  4. Select the loan amount you wish to apply and click on the “Proceed” button.
  5. You Mpesa account will then be credited shortly with the loaned amount

Haraka Mobile loans contact details

You can contact Haraka customer care through any of the following channels

  1. Social Media – You can reach the Haraka team in case you have any queries with your loan through their active Facebook page.
  2. Via email at kenyainfo@getbucks.com.
  3. On the landline phone via +254 (0) 202 434 019.
  4. Lastly, at any one of their branch offices countrywide.

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