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In this fantastic article, we introduce Branch loan app. The mobile application that allows you access credit on your phone.

People are often stuck financially at a different point in their life. This might be during an emergency, being stuck with money to pay one’s school fees, medical bills, house rent, or capital for a business venture.

And as a result of the high rate of the interest rate charged by most of this deposit money banks in Kenya, so many online loan providers have sprung up to reduce or eliminates the intricacies involved in accessing loans.

Branch loan app makes it easy for individuals to access easy loan after the completion of the application while the individual receives the credit facility straight into the recipient’s bank account.

What is a Branch loan?

Branch loan app is a product of the renowned Branch International.

Branch International is a microfinance lending institution that has its operation in Kenya and different other countries including Nigeria, Nairobi, Mexico City, Tanzania, and India.

Here, we would be explaining to you things you need to know about Branch loan app and how to register and repay the loan

The Branch loan app is one of its innovative product that is easy to download, install, register, and use.

How does Branch app work?

This online loan app makes use of machine learning algorithms that helps to process the data entries and also to assess each customer’s credit profiles.

In accessing the customer credibility for a loan, the following information will be obtained to ascertain the amount they can get. This information is derived from the customer’s phone, and they include

  • The recipient’s contact list
  • The phone GPS data call logs
  • Text message log of the recipient
  • The clients Mpesa details
  • The individual social network data
  • The device details

It is essential to know that Branch loan services will ask first before accessing any of this information from its customer.

With the information collated from the customer, the customer’s identity will easily be verified in other to create a credit score for the individual. This information is encrypted to protect the privacy of its clients.

Branch loan requirement

Applying for Branch loan in Kenya is very straightforward and easy to use. Like we stated earlier, Branch loan check out some criteria in other to ascertain if the applicant is eligible to access the loan.

Some of these requirements include

  • The applicant must have a registered Safaricom line that if fully registered with Mpesa
  • A Kenya National ID number
  • An Android enable phone

With the following requirement, one can quickly complete your Branch loan application,

Branch loan app download

The next steps should be taking in downloading a Branch loan app

  1. Navigate the smartphone to your Play Store App
  2. While on the Play Store, search for Branch Loan App
  3. Click on the download icon and install on your smartphone

How do I get a loan from Branch?

  1. After installation, open the Branch loan app
  2. Log into the Branch loan app using your phone number as your password
  3. Fill in your details in other for the branch to run a background search on your credibility
  4. Wait for a few minutes for Branch to pop-up its feedback on the loan application
  5. After the input and you are eligible, your Branch account is validated
  6. Branch takes you to the loan offer page
  7. Select the amount you want to borrow on the loan page
  8. Click on submit
  9. Wait for your loan application status from Branch as a text message
  10. When approved, the loan is credited into your Mpesa account

Note that for first-timers, Branch loan offers a maximum of Kshs 1,000

How do I pay my Kenyan branch loan?

As easy as it is to get a loan from Branch, so it is to repay the loan using the various options provided by Branch Loan services.

This repayment option includes the Mpesa or the automatic pay feature.

We would be looking at the steps to follow in repaying these loans.

Branch loan repayment through Mpesa

In repaying the loan using the Mpesa option, the following step will be followed

  1. The user opens the Mpesa menu option on his/her smartphone
  2. On the menu, go to the Lipan a Mpesa option
  3. Then click on the Playbill icon and input the Branch loan Paybill unique number which is 998608
  4. You are expected to key in the account number which is the phone number you used in registering with Branch loan (The Safaricom Number}
  5. Then input the amount you wish to repay
  6. Authorise the payment by keying in your Mpesa PIN
  7. Wait for a feedback message from Mpesa to confirm your transaction.

How to repay through ATM card 

  1. Log into Branch loan on the app
  2. Navigate to “My Loan” option and click on the “Tap to Pay” option
  3. Select the amount you wish to repay either in full or apart
  4. Then click on continue
  5. Input the Debit (ATM) card details, which consist of the following (The card number, card expiry date, and the CVV number.
  6. After inputting the details, click on continue
  7. Navigate to the auto-debit setting and click on continue (This can be found under the “Payment Option”)
  8. The payment is completed, and your account will automatically be updated with a few seconds

Note that some financial institution may send a security code to your phone in other to authenticate and secure the payment.

Branch loan limits

The branch loan has the limit it can disburse to the applicant or its customers at any giving time. This limit ranges from a minimum of Kshs 250 to a maximum of Kshs 70,000.

The repayment option ranges from a period of 4 weeks to 68 weeks.

One can increase his/her loan limit subsequently by promptly repaying the loan before the due dates.

Another way to also increase your Branch loan limit is by occasionally requesting for a loan through them — this help to improve one’s digital footprint in the Branch system.

Interest rate charges?

Branch loan system charges interest for any loan giving to any of their customers.

This interest ranges from 10 to 27 per cent for users living in Kenya. These are an equivalent monthly interest rate of 1 to 21 per cent.

Note that borrowers are mandated to cover any fee incurred as a result of their bank transaction with repaying the loan. Also, standard data charges and SMS by your mobile carriers may apply.

Does Branch Loan offer any Promotion and pay commission?

Yes. Branch loan offers commission for inviting a friend.

One can earn money from Branch by inviting friends to Branch loan services using the promotion code. The following steps should be followed in asking a friend.

  • Click on the three-bar that is seen on the left-hand corner of the Branch loan app
  • Select the “Invite Friend” option at the bottom centre
  • Click on the social media app or messaging to invite the friend
  • Your friend will automatically receive your invitation

To earn Commission  

  • Invite your friend to Branch loan app
  • Advise them to enter your promotional code under the promotions tab in the Branch app
  • A message will be sent to you when the invited friend input the promotion code
  • Ksh 500 will be credited to you anytime the invited friend repays their first loan

Branch Contact

Branch loan had provided for its user’s different ways to get in contact with them.

Here are the four primary ways one can communicate with Branch customer care and get feedback from them as fast as possible.


Log into the Branch app and clicking on the customer care service page there. A customer agent will be with you to receive your complain or inquiry.


Branch loans can be contacted through their Email address (International) or email via this link



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  2. Timiza app
  3. Zenka loan app
  4. Hf Whizz app
  5. Okash


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